ViaEmili@DocFest 2023


The 14th edition of the Online Documentary Film Festival Modena ViaEmili@DocFest will be held online ( from 16 October to 15 November 2022. The festival is promoted by the organisations Arci Modena and UCCA, the Region of Emilia-Romagna and the city of Modena, along with the contribution of the foundation Fondazione di Modena.

Art. 1 - Submission
The Festival is dedicated to all the Italian and European educational establishments (such as film schools,post-graduate degrees, courses, workshops…) that deal with the Cinema of Reality. Submission is open to any Italian or European documentary, completed after 1 January 2021, with a minimum running time of 10 minutes.

Art. 2 - Enrolment and Deadlines
In order to participate in the Festival, you should:
- fill in the online entry form by 8 October 2023.
The form can be found at this link:

- send an email to (you must include the title of the short film and
the director’s name as the subject line of your email) together with the following attachments:
- 1 photo of the author and 3 film stills from the short
- the completed consent form for the embedding online in case of selection and for the screening
at the cinema in case of prize giving
- link to download the film to participate at the prize

Art. 3 - Selection of the material
All the submitted works will be selected at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee by 16 October 2023. Selected works will be announced on the website:

Art. 4 - Consent form
4.1 Each production company, or individual producer, of a selected film, must fill in and sign a consent form stating that: they possess the employment rights on the documentary submitted and allow its free-viewing on the portal not only for the voting period but also including any other use of the work involving the festival (i.e., potential screening at the Astra Cinema in Modena if they win one of the Modena ViaEmili@DocFest prizes).
4.2 For those who want to allow the documentary to be available online even after the festival period, they can specify it in the consent form by ticking the relevant box. The online publication of the documentary, or otherwise, its employment and use within the Festival do not entitle the production company or individual producer to any compensation.
4.3 The consent form, which can be found at the bottom of this page, must be signed and sent via email by
8 October 2023, together with the scan of a valid identification document of the declaring subject.

Art. 5 - Online publication
From October 16 to November 15 2023, the selected works will be fully available to watch online at Registered users will be able to vote until midnight on November 15 2023.

Art. 6 - How users can vote
In order to vote, users will need to sign up at indicating their full name and email address. The registration will allow the users to vote for only one film and they will not be able to chance their choice afterwards.

Art. 7 - Awards
– The selected works from the Modena ViaEmili@DocFest will be judged by a qualified jury who will nominate the winner, awarding them with the “Modena ViaEmili@DocFest Jury Prize 2023” and a sum of money corresponding to €1.000,00.
– The highest rated film on the portal, will be awarded the “Web Audience Award 2023” and win a cash prize of €400,00.
– The “D.E-R Prize”, named after the association which grants it, will be awarded to the best documentary nominated by a jury of young local students.
The award ceremony will take place on November 18, in Modena. In addition, board and lodging will be granted to one person on behalf of the Jury Prize and the Web Audience Award.

Art. 8 - Credits
The title of the prize received at the Modena ViaEmili@DocFest can be mentioned in the closing credits of the documentary, with the following wording:
Winner of the Modena ViaEmili@DocFest – Web Audience Award if the documentary receives the Web Audience Award
Winner of theModena ViaEmili@DocFest 2023 – Jury Prize if the documentary receives the Jury Prize
Winner of the Modena ViaEmili@DocFest 2023 – D.E-R Prize if the documentary receives the D.E.-R Prize

Art. 9 - Hold harmless clause
By submitting the documentary to the Festival, the individual producer dismisses Modena ViaEmili@DocFest and all organisers from any responsibility related to the use of the documentary. Additionally, they also attest their own right to proceed with the registration and to grant the requirements for the participation of the documentary in the Festival itself.

Article 10 - Potential disputes
Any dispute between the participants and the Modena ViaEmili@DocFest will be of exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Modena.

Art. 11 - Other
11.1 The judgement of the pre-selection committee, the users and the jury are unquestionable.
11.2 The participation in the Festival and, in any case, the submission of materials imply full acceptance of these rules.
11.3 For further information please contact the email address: